Yearly Dog Licensing



56.01   ANNUAL LICENSE REQUIRED.  The owner of any dog six (6) months of age or older shall, on or before December 31 of each year, apply to the Clerk for a license for such dog.  Such application for license may be made after December 31 and at any time for a dog which has come into the possession or ownership of the person or which has reached the age of six months after said date.  All licenses shall expire on December 31 of the year following the date of issuance.

56.02   APPLICATION.  Such application shall be in writing on forms provided by the Clerk and shall state the breed, sex, age, color and name, if any, of the dog, and the address of the owner.

56.03   FEE.  The annual license fee of five dollars ($5.00) shall be paid at the time the application is completed and is due annually on January 1.  On February 1 the fee shall be ten dollars ($10.00).  If an unlicensed dog is picked up by the City, the license fee shall be thirty dollars ($30.00) and must be paid before returned to the owner. 

56.04   LICENSE TAGS.  The Clerk shall deliver to the applicant, at the time of the receipt of a completed application with fee paid in full, a metal tag with a serial number, which shall be recorded in a record book maintained by the Clerk solely for the purpose of keeping a record of ownership and the date of license issue or renewal.  The metal tag shall be attached by the owner to a substantial collar and during the term of the license shall be at all times kept on the dog for which the license is issued.  The license tag for one dog shall not be transferable to another dog.  Upon the filing of an affidavit that the license tag has been lost or destroyed, the owner may obtain another tag on the payment of the actual cost of the tag to the Clerk.  The Clerk shall amend the record book to reflect the new tag number.

56.05   IMMUNIZATION.  Before a license is issued, the owner shall furnish a veterinarian’s certificate showing that the dog for which the license is sought has been vaccinated against rabies, and that the vaccination does not expire within six months from the effective date of the dog license, as well as the breed and sex of the dog.  A tag showing evidence of proper vaccination shall at all times be attached to the collar of the dog, or the owner may have the thigh or ear tattooed to evidence such vaccination in lieu of the tag.


Contact Info

Lisa Rees
Deputy City Clerk
115 N. Locust Street, Winfield, IA 52659